5 Competitive Jobs Your IT Qualifications Can Get You

Computer science is one of the broadest fields you can study at a Malaysian university or college. As such, there are many different career paths a computer science expert can take upon graduation. Yet, not identifying your dream job before joining IT courses in Malaysia may later cause hasty, regrettable career choices.

Rather than dive in blind, keep an eye on these lucrative IT jobs as you join your diploma/degree course:

1.Software Engineer

A computer science degree can lead to a successful software engineering career. If you’re hired as a software engineer, you’ll play a big role in the creation of highly scalable enterprise systems. You could be the chief architect and developer of software modules. In many IT departments, the roles of a software engineer and system analyst may at least overlap at some point or be the same all together.

As a software engineer, you’re trained to develop strong analytical skills. It’s your job to look into and analyze user requirements, interpreting these into production codes. A lot of people down the IT department’s hierarchy will rely on your database and software designs to create useful enterprise solutions.


With a degree in computer science or Information Technology, you can seek employment as a programmer. Usually, programmers report to system analysts or software engineers. Your job as a programmer will include implementing user requirements that have already been defined for you. You’ll use the programming language preferred by your employer to do your job.

When most employers are looking to hire a programmer, they usually specify the programming skills a successful candidate should demonstrate. For example, an employer may list Java, Visual Basic, MySQL, or Python as the programming languages you need to know. The good thing is that computer science classes teach numerous coding languages. Still, such languages are easy to learn even after graduating if you have a strong background in the computer programming concept.

3.System Administrator

System administration is another lucrative responsibility a computer science expert can take up. Depending on the structure of an organization, a system administrator usually reports to the IT manager. This job puts you in charge of your organization’s entire IT infrastructure. You’ll apply your technical skills to ensure that all system hardware and software components are functioning optimally.

As a system administrator, you’ll be supervising system users, from company staff to customers interacting with the IT infrastructure. You’ll be assigning user rights and responsibilities. With the help of system security personnel, it’s your job to secure the whole IT infrastructure from threats. Knowledge of relevant Operating Systems and other environments will prove useful in the execution of your duties.

4.Mobile App Developer

A mobile app developer is a programmer specializing in the development of software for mobile devices, such as smartphones. This field has been growing tremendously for the past decade, and many Malaysian universities are including it in their IT degree/diploma courses. You may be hired to develop apps for a broad range of mobile operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iOS.

With many websites seeking to deploy both desktop and mobile versions of their online platforms, this specialty presents significant employment opportunities. In addition, you could pursue a career in mobile game development.

5.Data Entry Clerk

You may be a highly qualified programmer or app developer, but don’t be surprised if your first job upon graduation involves data entry. Many successful programmers or IT managers started off as data entry clerks before working their way up. While typing data into a computer may be the lowest-level IT job, it’s well-paying for someone without substantial job experience.

If you’re considering studying a computer-related course at a Malaysian university, figuring out your career aspirations early enough makes sense. Hopefully, the above career opportunities constitute something worth your focus as you take up a computer science course in Malaysia.