Private Schools in Malaysia


Private schools in Malaysia require monthly fees for the education of the youth that attend the school, while there are also commonly additional fees that are demanded from the parents, such as renovation and remodeling fees, as well as any consequential fees your child may accrue, such as excursions and school trip fees.


Private schools in Malaysia, due to their cost and exclusivity, often experience smaller class sizes, creating higher levels of one on one attention provided by the teacher. This can create for a much more successful educational environment, and allows for the teacher to spend more time focusing on the needs of each individual student. This often leads to higher educational standards within the Private school systems of Malaysia and generally leads to more successful students.


In Private schools, the children’s native dialects are commonly used, which is thought to promote better understanding of difficult subjects such as math and science. There is also heavy emphasis on local¬†culture and arts, as well as the maintenance of Malaysian traditions.