What Law Schools Should You Go To?

The decision to attend law school in Malaysia is a wise one considering the rapid growth of the economy. Both the government and private sector will need more lawyers in the near future to ensure compliance with complex national and international laws.

Earning that much-desired degree requires years of hard work. Beyond law school, graduates also have to pass the regional bar examination and serve an apprenticeship, known as “chambering.”

Choosing a quality law school is the first step on the road to professional success. Here are four things prospective students in Malaysia should look for when deciding on a law school.

1. The School Should Have a Sizeable Alumni Base in Malaysia

As is true of most professions, success as a lawyer is often as much about whom you know as what you know.

Recognition in the media or professional journals often goes to those with access to decision makers. Similarly, getting a prominent committee assignment with the bar association is made easier when one knows the right people.

Students at schools that have alumni working across Malaysia have automatic connections they can use to their advantage.

2. The School Must Use Modern Technology in the Classroom

Legal research is no longer about spending hours perusing old cases in a dusty library. Today, lawyers have to work fast and smart, searching on the internet.

Law schools should teach students how to use the prominent legal databases. Moreover, students should practice their craft in computer-based legal research classes.

3. The Faculty Should Be Comprised of Prominent Scholars

The top professors are those who have published articles in legal journals. Their knowledge of a particular legal specialty is beyond question.

Applicants should inquire into the publication records of the faculty members at each school. The better schools have professors who can impart detailed legal knowledge gained through their research and writing. Consequently, graduates of these programs have a better chance of passing the regional bar examinations.

4. The School Must Have a Full and Convenient Course Schedule

Law school applicants should make sure that the schools offer required coursework on a regular basis and at convenient times.
There is nothing worse than having to prolong graduation because a class needed to fulfill requirements has not been available.

Likewise, schools should have a wide range of class times. Many people have to work to pay for their education. Others have familial obligations. Regardless of the reasons, everyone should be able to take classes at times convenient for them.

The best programs understand these facts and work to ensure a variety of class options for students.

Getting Started

As the Malaysian economy continues to grow, there is no better time to enter the legal profession. Lawyers are the backbone of any prosperous economy. Anyone who is serious about going to law school should ask Brickfields Asia College on more information as soon as possible.